Viper Cache V2 Review

Viper Cache V2 Review, Viper Cache V2 WP Caching Plugin

Viper Cache V2 Review

In this our unbiased review of Viper Cache V2, we shall be answering a wide variety of questions that you may have about Viper Cache V2.

Viper Cache V2 Review, Overview

Creator(s): IM Wealth Builders
ProgramViper Cache V2
Launch Date: December 19th, 2019
Official website: Click here to Visit »
Viper Cache V2 Price: $37. This price will likely go up from the 26th of December.
Bonuses: Yes
Skill Needed: No prior special needed.
Training: Yes, you will get step-by-step training inside.
Guarantee: Yes, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
Niche: Software (WordPress Plugin)
Support: Friendly and Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе.
Recommend: Yes highly recommended.

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What is Viper Cache V2?

Viper Cache V2 is The Easiest and The Fastest Cache WordPress Plugin On The Market, With Almost No Server Lag.

Viper Cache is a highly effective WordPress plugin that will help you build a reliable WordPress website that has almost no server lag. This cache plugin comes with detailed and easy-to-understand tutorials, even newbies can apply it to their sites and gain themselves an edge over their rivals.

With the help of Viper Cache V2, your WordPress sites can load like blazes and gain higher rankings on Search Engines. What's more? As this cache can work with almost all WordPress themes and plugins, you don't have to worry about problems like error message on every page or a full white screen of death WSOD.

Viper Cache V2 Benefits and Features

Viper Cache V2 will make your WordPress sites up to 10x faster in 1 click. It's a cache that doesn't slow your server down.

It will speed up your WordPress blogs so that you won't get hit by the Google speed slap.

Viper Cache V2 Review Demo Video

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Viper Cache V2 Features and Benefits Summarized

♥ Uncomplicated and Very Easy to Set Up and Use.
♥ Makes Your WordPress Sites Up to 10x Faster. 
♥ Configured with Smart Cache Clearing So That It Doesn't Slow Your Server.
♥ Speeds Up Your WP Sites Far More Than Other Cache Plugins.
♥ Greatly Improves Your Chances of Not Getting Hit By The Google Speed Slap.
♥ Your Faster Sites Enables You To Get Higher Rankings in The Search Engines.
♥ Reduces Your Need to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan Hence Saving You Money.
♥ It is Hacker-Proof, Ensuring that Your Site is Safe from Hackers.
♥ Compatible With Most Other WordPress Plugins.

What does Viper Cache V2 Offer You?

♣ Speeds Up Your WordPress Site X10 With Just 1 Click

Viper Cache V2 is one of the most reliable WordPress cache plugins at present as it is developed with advanced technology. Hence, it has an amazing ability to build incredible sites with the loading time under 1-2 seconds. Also, it can offer a top-notch security feature that keeps you away from various threats that can endanger your websites such as viruses, hackers, and other kinds of cyberattacks.

♣ Smart Cache Clearing - it auto clears the cache only on major site changes unlike its competitors

As you know, it is extremely annoying when you make a minor change but suddenly all cached pages will be automatically cleared and rebuilt. When your all the vital elements, such as themes, plugins, widgets, graphics, your server will be overloaded. As a consequence, your pages will perform poorly.

♣ Smart Cache Preloading - it auto rebuilds the cache on your most popular pages so it doesn't hog server resources

Viper Cache V2 analyzes your site changes and only rebuilds on the cache on those pages and the related essential pages. As a result, it reduces your server load, keeps your site run at a rapid pace, and decreases the requirement for upgrading your hosting plan regularly.

♣ Uses Fast Cache Technology - it uses the best speed features that don't compromise your site stability

It aids you in automatically blocking hotlinking and preventing others from using your bandwidth.

Additionally, it allows you to block bad bots and site scrapers, which swallow your resources and slow your site down. Along with this protection, it is a powerful defense that helps you overcome the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Who Should Buy Viper Cache V2

♠ All Users of WordPress Blogging platform
♠ Marketers, Small and local business
♠ Product creators and Affiliate Marketers
♠ Entrepreneurs
♠ Newbies

And the list goes on and on. I believe Viper Cache V2 can do wonders for many people with different occupations.

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About Viper Cache V2 Creators, IM Wealth Builders

IM Wealth Builders (The Internet Marketing Wealth Builders) is a well-known company in the field of digital marketing.

Up to now, the company has been developing various innovative software and information products to support small to medium online businesses and independent internet marketers in boosting online marketing campaigns. Let me list down some of their excellent products, Covert Shirt Store 2.0 Theme, Bloxy, Covert Context Azon Money Plugin V2, etc.

By the look at this, I believe that sooner or later, Viper Cache is going to be on the top of the best-selling products.

How Does Viper Cache V2 Work?

You might be thinking that Viper Cache is going to be another complicated cache to implement. But the truth is that it is easy as 1,2,3 to employ this cache. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Visit the Viper Cache sales page and download its package.
Step 2: Access your website and go to the Plugins.
Step 3: Add new and upload Viper Cache.
Step 4: Enable caching by going to Settings and clicking on Viper Cache.
Step 5: Turn Caching on and click on the update status button.
Step 6: Select the test cache button and check if the cache is compatible with your theme and plugin. After this, you can let it speed up your site.

Below Are Typical Results Users Are Seeing With Viper Cache V2

Viper Cache V2 Users Results:

Viper Cache V2 Users Results
Viper Cache V2 User Result

Viper Cache V2 User Result

Viper Cache V2 User Result

Viper Cache V2 OTO's

Frontend: $37Initially, on a dimesale, Price Increases as Sale Progresses, up to $47.
OTO #1: WP Toolkit Blog Link Magic DFY Links.
OTO #2: WPToolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin.
OTO #3: WP Toolkit GPL.

Viper Cache V2 Rating Score

Total Score: 9.75 / 10

Below is our rating scores for the various aspects of Viper Cache V2;

Easy To Use: 10.0
Features:     9.5
Quality:      9.5
Support:     10.0
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Pros and Cons of Viper Cache V2

  • No technical skills or prior experience needed
  • Requires no techy installation
  • 100% newbie-friendly with simple-to-follow instructions
  • Speeds up WP website faster than ever
  • Compatible with all major WP page builders
  • Secure service
  • Premium support
  • Money-back guarantee


  • For WordPress sites only.

Our Bonuses if You Buy through this site.

Our FREE Bonuses

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There are certain rules and guidelines you should follow if you plan on being successful with email marketing.

With this great blueprint you will learn how to:

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Our Verdict, Final Thoughts

If you run a WordPress website, this Viper Cache V2 plugin is a must-have. For just only $37, it's a no-brainer.

It will increase your site's speed by up to 10X, blocking bad bots and making your site more search engine friendly hence helping you rank higher in the SERPS.

It does not clash with other WordPress themes and plugins.

It really has so many benefits and does no harm, so buy it now for your WordPress site.

About Caching, Viper Cache and Viper Cache V2

Caching is the #1 way to speed up any WordPress site however all current cache plugins have problems which affect user experience & site performance:

Problem #1 - Current Cache Plugins Are Complicated... you need a university degree to find your way around cache settings nowadays - get just one setting wrong & your site breaks.

Problem #2 - Free Cache Plugins Are Frequently Hacked... there have been 33 registered vulnerabilities in popular cache plugins in the last 3 years alone. Users are left with a choice of either gambling with their site security by using free cache products or using inferior underperforming paid plugins.

Problem #3 - Current Cache Plugins Hog Your Processor / Memory... through inefficient cache clearing & cache preloading... say you have a site with 100 pages & you make 1 text change to 1 page... then with current cache plugins all 100 cached pages will be deleted and your site now has to rebuild every cached page hogging your server processor & memory. This problem gets worse the bigger your site.

Problem #4 - Clashes With Many Common Themes & Plugins... over-engineered cache plugins have a nasty habit of playing god with many themes & plugins giving you errors & white screens of death.

Click here to Buy Viper Cache V2

The Best Paid Plugin is Not As Fast As Expected

The best-paid product on the market was outperformed by its free alternatives. Independent tests carried out by in October 2017 showed that Rocket Cache the #1 paid cache plugin was outperformed by 2 free plugins.

Viper Cache Is 77% Faster Than competitors

Viper Cache is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet... they've built a more sensible cache that resolves these problems:

- it doesn't play god with your themes & plugins yet still achieves highest performance scores
- it's stupidly simple to use with fewer settings than ALL other cache products
- It's built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking
- it has smart clearing and rebuilding technology so it doesn't hog your site's server resources & slow it down
- It's built using the fastest cache technology without compromise on-site stability

Viper Cache also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots and known site scrapers - which makes it 1st to market.

Viper Cache V2 is an upgrade of Viper Cache. It works even better and will make your WordPress Site even faster than the original Viper Cache did.

Is Viper Cache V2 The Fastest?

The short answer is we believe it's the fastest... the right answer is... it depends how you test and what factors you take into consideration... this is covered a lot in the tutorial video on speed testing for users.

Viper Cache V2 Review Video

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